"True Reflections"
Magic mirrors that reflect the future help
a swordswoman overcome a handicap, and
a princess gain a crown.
Following are the covers of magazines where my very first short stories have been published. By
each photo is the name of the short story, and a few sentences telling you what the story was
about, and maybe a comment or two. By the way, this is a great way for a new writer to hone
his/her skill.  My experience with the editors of SF/F publications was one of wonder. They not
only wrote personal notes back to me, but sometimes even gave me a detailed critique. The
editors in this genre are really dedicated to encouraging new talent.
            "Queen's Pawn"
Where one girl fights to free
humankind from the mind-control
slavery of dragons.
                        "Last Encounter"
One of my favorites, this story takes place on a
world so dangerous, that to have any kind of strong
feelings beyond survival is taboo. A man fights
those dangers and discovers the truth too late.
Can you tell this is an October issue? This story
helped me deal with the concept of death; about an
ornery old woman, and a race of aliens who give
birth only when they die, so they pass on their
memories to their children by using a 'collector'.
           "The Mother Tree"
About a tree nymph in search of her
home, and how she finds it with the
magical means of unselfish love.
          "Jorn's Mountain"
A magazine for teens, this story
challenges a young man to think for
himself...with the help of an old dragon.
                  "The Elf Critic"
One of my favorite illustrations (my elf
on a keyboard) is in here. It's a story
about a writer's personal critic--in the
form of an elf--and the unusual way one
woman overcomes it.
                  "The Music Box"
A dying princess's love for the mannequin
atop a music box breaks the spell that binds
him. But do they live happily-ever-after?
                  "Going Home"
A (rare for me) dark story, about a
warrior woman who fights the demon
that inhabits her sister.
                              "Spirit Quest"
I'll never forget the thrill of this first sale in an anthology, took
me weeks to come down off the ceiling. The book includes
stories written by Jo Clayton, Deborah Wheeler & Diana
Paxson...I couldn't believe one of my stories was in the same
book as theirs! It was my first experience with royalties, and
when it went into a German edition, I was stunned.
The first few stories I sent Ms. Bradley had probably the most
hard-core (form) rejection letters I ever received. But I'm
ornery and stubborn and swore one day I'd sell something to
her. The next few rejection letters were more encouraging, and
eventually I did. (If you're an aspiring writer, it really helps to
be stubborn).
Like most of my stories, "Spirit Quest" is a fantasy romance,
set in an icy world of monsters and magic, reminiscent of the
Inuits. It's the story of two people who find in each other their
kindred spirits; how a soul can entwine with another's and how
people can bring out the worst--or the best--in each other.
Ever wonder what it might be like
to shop in the corner drugstore of
the future? With aliens?
"The Music Box", a romantic
fairy tale short story, appeared in
two issues of "The Writers Post
Journal". My niece asked my
sister to read this short story to
her every night when she was
little. For a brief description, see
the "Pandora" magazine photo
below, where the story first
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I don't often write contemporary short stories, but I had an
opportunity to appear in an anthology alongside my son, and could
not pass up the opportunity. As usual, my short story, SILVER
RIVER, is a fantasy...although it touches the realms of science
fiction and a ghost story, depending on your point of view. My
son's debut story, GARDEN OF REMEMBRANCE, can be
considered a ghost story as well, although its meaning will go deeper
than that for many. And I think my son's story has a much better
twist than mine!

I'm proud to announce this anthology, and to be right alongside my
son's first published short story.
ISBN: 978-0981957203