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ENCHANTING THE LADY receives another award

ENCHANTING THE LADY received a lovely Shooting Star Award from Realms On Our Bookshelves

 “This is an award only given to those authors who are just starting and to us are such a perfect read, that they alter your world, and add so much to your reading experience making them stand out in their genre.”

ParaNormalRomance did an I DREAM OF GENIES spotlight on magical romance featuring several romance books, including ENCHANTING THE LADY. They also did an incredibly in-depth interview of me, and you can find it all here at:


Barbara Vey, the Romance Blogger for Publisher’s Weekly, is having her one year anniversary Friday, March 14. She is celebrating with an on-line party with lots of give-a-ways, and asks that you post a comment on her Beyond the Book Blog. She’s a huge supporter of the romance genre through Publisher’s Weekly, so please visit and post a comment:


2008-03-13 18:51:08 GMT
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