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Finally! A vortex!

Right at the edge of this trail is a vortex. Unfortunately, no one in our group could feel a thing. (At least it wasn't just me.) Now, in my book, the vortexes are a source of magic, but you have to be genetically gifted to access the 'earth's energy' and use these powerful sources. Actually, I only wrote a proposal for a book (synopsis and first three chapters), because an editor requested it (what's a writer to do?).

I love fantasy (magic!). And science fiction, but only if it's based on a pre-techno world. Not really into spacebattles or robots (writing, that is. I've read lots of books and watch tons of movies with those elements. A favorite book that comes to mind is "Silver Metal Lover". Hm. Favorite movie, "Star Wars", naturally :}, and "I, Robot". I've read lots of Asimov, and his 'three laws for robots' is a foundation now!)

This is one of the research trips I took last year, and the other one I took was very scary, and I'll post it later.

I'm *trying* to post at least once a week, if not more often:}. 

2006-10-14 01:40:13 GMT
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