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Another Five Star review for ENCHANTING THE LADY

TITLE: Enchanting the Lady (Relics of Merlin)

AUTHOR: Kathryne Kennedy

13 ISBN: 9780505527509

10 ISBN: 0505527502





Set in London, 1882. Do you believe titles (such as Duke, Viscount, and Earl) were simply given to people because of service to the Crown, marriage, or birth? Think again! The higher the title one has tells how powerful the person's magic is. The Royals have the most power. The only power Prince Albert cannot defeat is Relic-magic. Therefore, it makes perfect sense for him to keep Sir Terence Blackwell close. Sir Terence is a baronet and Prince Albert's spy. He cannot use magic, but he is a shape-shifter. The were-kind are immune to magic. Magic can neither harm him, nor fool him into believing glamours. This is vital for Crown's safety. Sir Terence's animal form is a lion and he is able to smell dark magic. His main duty, secondary only to Prince Albert's safety, is to hunt down the thirteen Relic-stones made by Merlin long ago. Six of them have been found.


In Felicity Seymour's world magic is everything. Her parents' magic had been very strong. One would think that Felicity, being the only child born before their deaths, would inherit their power. However, Felicity could not perform even the simplest spell. Yet one man does not seem to mind her lack of dowry: a dark and handsome baronet who had managed to scare away the rest of London's Society misses.


On the day of Testing, Sir Terence smells Relic-magic. He tracks the scent to Felicity Seymour. If Felicity did not pass her testing, she would lose her duchy and any hope of marriage. Though Sir Terence sees no Relic-stone, he could smell the dark power on her. Is she using it herself, or was it being used against her?


***** London has always seemed magical to me and the author, Kathryne Kennedy, casts her own glamour in this story. Not only are there were-kind and magical powers, but there is also a "dragonette". (Picture a small dragon, once hatched, that only grows to the size of a ferret.)  Felicity has a dragonette for protection. It cannot fly, but it has lots of sharp teeth and can breathe fire. It is the simple, but fascinating, touches such as this that make the story so enchanting. Every page overflows with romance, fantasy, and suspense. OUTSTANDING! *****




(Reviewed by Detra Fitch)

2007-10-01 20:41:07 GMT
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