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Five Blue Ribbon review for ENCHANTING THE LADY

Lady Felicity Seymour, Duchess-of-honor of Stonehaven, is about to face the greatest humiliation of her life.  In her world, titles are not just given by birthright, but are based on the level of magical abilities one possesses.  Felicity is to appear in front of the Prince for her testing, where she knows it will become apparent to one and all that despite her deceased parent's renowned powers, she herself has no magical ability.


Baronet Terence Blackwell owes both his occupations - a spy for the crown as well as a relic-hunter - to being a shape-shifter.  Shape-shifters are immune to magic; thus he's in a perfect position to protect and spy for the Prince, as well as to hunt down Merlin's legendary thirteen enchanted relic stones.  The stones have been imbued with dark magical powers that can control and destroy those around them.  The last time Terence encountered a relic, his brother died.  So when Terence scents relic-magic in the castle, he's determined to find the cause.


The source of the relic-magic comes from a young duchess being tested.  Though the exquisite beauty seems to posses no magic of her own, Terence can tell that a powerful relic-magic spell has been placed over Felicity.  But did she cast the spell herself, or is she as innocent as she seems?  Felicity is his only lead to the relic, and Terence is determined to use her to find the stone.  But he hadn't counted on becoming enthralled by the lovely lady, and soon Terence finds his feelings for Felicity are more real than ruse.


What a fantastic new series!  ENCHANTING THE LADY is the first book in Kathryne Kennedy's RELICS OF MERLIN series, and I can't wait for the next one!  Kennedy's Victorian era world of magic is lighthearted and enchanting, and easily pulls the reader in with its vivid description and narration.  Felicity is a wonderful combination of guilelessness and intelligence, and Terence is a romantic hero to die for in both his human and shifted forms!  The wealth of colorful secondary characters completes the magic of this wonderful story.  This is a read-in-one-sitting treat for both fantasy and historical fans alike!


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2007-10-01 20:37:40 GMT
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