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A Five Star review for ENCHANTING THE LADY
Genre: fantasy

ISBN: 0505527502

Page Count: 336 pages

Price: $6.99

Reviewer: Debby Guyette

Sensuality Rating: Sensuous

Star Rating: 5 Stars

Author's Website:

Delightful, refreshing and unique, Kathryne Kennedy takes us to Regency England with Enchanting the Lady where titles are held based on how strong your magic is.

Felicity has been the Duchess of Honor of Stonehaven since the death of her parents. Now it is time for her testing and if she fails, the title will pass on to someone else. Felicity is sure she will not pass. Even though she senses her magic is there, she has not been able to use that magic. She also feels that she is so bland that she is invisible to many. Terence Blackwell is favored by Prince Albert because he can, as a shifter, sense the black magic associated with the 13 relics produced by Merlin many years ago. When his brother is killed by one of these relics, he vows to find the remaining. When Felicity enters for her testing he senses the relic magic but cannot find it. He knows that Felicity is the key and sets out to court her. Little does he know what danger he will be in not only to his body but also his heart as he learns Felicity is more than just the key to another relic.

Kathryne Kennedy has penned a tale worthy of your keeper shelf. She has capably introduced us to a world populated by shifters, monsters and magicians and combined it with suspense and danger to produce a delightful novel that will want us to keep turning the pages to see what will happen next. Felicity and Terence are complex, well developed characters who jump right off the pages and into our hearts. Enchanting the Lady: Relics of Merlin is one tale you do not want to miss.


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