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Entry for June 21, 2007

I have just launched a new contest to promote my upcoming novel ENCHANTING THE LADY, RELICS OF MERLIN! If you didn't get to my blog through my website, go to

and click on the link to the CONTEST page and check it out.  It's easy to enter, and the prize is awesome!

Good Luck and Best Wishes!

2007-06-21 20:27:15 GMT
Comments (2 total)
Thank you for this wonderful two chapter read, I think it even beats Harry Potter which I am a fan. I find this a great read, held & captured me first page to the last.Entered into the contest with three guestion I have answered. I too hope someone from gather will win the pin pearl. I will be first to buy this book. Congratulations, best wishes for more to come. I was total held by the captures & the spill's. My wait isn't long thank God. Will she forgive & be intertwined by this prince? Will she discover powers of her owen? What deals can be made, this is not spin the wheel. true love conguier her will? Thanks for being a gather connect. For otherwise I had not met. I am Blessed by your words & clever skill. Tonight I go before I leave please not send me black magic tail's.Waiting, watching the cloud move in with Illusions of long time pass, future is my reward for those are my magic words. I wake to order thy book of your's. Perhapes I stop in to say hello after my job is done, till than my friend I say good night. Always wishing you the best . dee-dee is the code. Gather friends will be there, to than pleasures been all mind. God Bless & take care, from this unknown gather friend. Thy the master of words flow of later books to come. In till we met again I must say your talent blow's me away. Dianne S. @ Wishing for more to tell for the book is on the way. reader be wear she is as good as they come. Tells & guestions to her contest remain within her two chapters all you do is go read there will lie your answers. Wishing all good luck for the pearl is grand holding on for her next book. Waiting is what I say do .Till tomorrow sleep well. Make sure that candle stick is real. The moon is full for witchery is out lurking among thr tree's.Cats are talking for more to come. Farewell my dear sweet friend. It is always refreshing to see young blood to thirst for unspoken yet speak good will. He is a dream man to be unleashed crave his treat right next to thy. Thank you for such a delightful read.If you so please to honor me to read these words I have left thy. I honor you for all your rewards just don't seem to be enough. I feel there is more light for you, so keep writting for God will, gift is to be shared. Thank you for another tell.
--Kathryne Kennedy
2007-09-18 06:21:39 GMT
Than you for your comment. :}
My best,
2007-09-22 16:45:32 GMT
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