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Dorchester Publishing offered me a contract for my historical paranormal romance ENCHANTING THE LADY. It's tentatively scheduled for release in January 2008, under their LOVESPELL line. Shortly after that, the editor herself called me, and she's absolutely wonderful! I'm very excited to be working with such a prestigous house! And, here's a bit of what she said about ENCHANTING from the email she sent:

"As I mentioned on the phone, I think this is a fantastic idea. Kathryne has done a fabulous job of blending the history and ambiance of Victorian England with all the world-building of a great paranormal. And she's created some very memorable characters to boot!"

Needless to say, I adore her. LOL.

Here's a blurb I worked up about ENCHANTING THE LADY, to give you an idea of what this next novel of mine is about:

Felicity Seymour has fought most of her life to overcome her drab appearance. When she fails her magical tests and loses her title and lands, her aunt and uncle assure her that she will be perfectly happy living with them as a spinster. But her new status allows her to meet Sir Terence Blackwell, a baronet shunned by society for his were-self and feared for his immunity to magic. She loses her heart when he reveals his genuine passion, and gifts her with a priceless dragonnette. But her aunt and uncle seem determined to keep them apart, and she knows Terence is keeping secrets from her.

Powerful and graceful as his lion-self, Terence is a man obsessed with finding Merlin's evil magical relics. When he meets Felicity, he's stunned by her beauty and confused by her modesty, until he realizes that she's under an evil enchantment. And although she seems an innocent, the spell has the same stink of the relic-magic that had been used to murder his brother. Courting her seems the easiest way to hunt down the relic, and although he fears he's repeating his brother's foolishness, he's unable to resist his growing attraction for the girl. When she's put into danger, he will claim her for his own--even if it threatens his duty to the crown.

I'll keep you posted on how the release of the novel is progressing. Thanks for your interest, and if you have any questions or comments, you can post them here, or better yet, email me:}.

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