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Because Merlin's Relic shows up later in ENCHANTING THE BEAST, I wrote a short history of the relics for new readers who pick up the book. And since readers who are familiar with the series might find it interesting, I didn't want them to have to wait until the third book is released. So without further ado, here 'tis:

     Long ago a great wizard was born with magic in his very blood.  He lived for thousands of years and went by many names, but the one we know best is Merlin.

     Merlin passed his magic down through his offspring, and the power made his children rulers.  Some inherited more magic than others, and eventually titles reflected their gifts.  In Britain, kings and queens held the strongest power.  After the royals, dukes had the greatest magical abilities in that they could change matter.  Marquesses could cast spells and illusions and transfer objects but not change them.  Earls mastered illusions, while viscounts dabbled in charms and potions.  Barons had a magical gift, which could be as simple as making flowers grow or as complicated as seeing into the future. 

     And then there were the baronets.  Part man, part animal, the shape-shifters were Merlin’s greatest enchantment…and eventually his greatest bane.  For out of all mankind, they were immune to his magic.

     Merlin created thirteen magical relics from the gems of the earth, a focus for some of his greatest spells.  After Merlin’s disappearance, his children tried to find the relics, since they held the only magic stronger than their own.  The relics proved to be elusive until his children discovered that the shape-shifters they so despised could sniff out the power of a relic.

     Over the centuries the relics faded to legend.  But the most powerful of Merlin’s descendants did not forget, and shape-shifters became the secret spies of many rulers.

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