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ENCHANTING THE BEAST--We have a cover!

I'll be updating my website shortly, but in the meantime, here's the cover for ENCHANTING THE BEAST, which releases in May 2009. Interestingly enough, I was told by several readers that when they pre-ordered my last book, they received it the month *before* the release date. Just an FYI :}.

I have to say, my editor/publisher did another magnificent job on my cover. It's elegant and enchanting, and hey, isn't the guy totally hot?

ENCHANTING THE BEAST is a little bit spookier than my last two books (I go wherever my imagination takes me) but it's still full of magic and fun, so no worries. Here's the blurb my editor wrote up, and as always, she did a fantastic job of summarizing a whole bunch of stuff in a paragraph that would make the reader want to pick up the book (which is an artform in itself, and a skill I sadly lack):

Grimspell castle. With its dark, imposing stone walls, it certainly looked haunted. As a ghost-hunter, Lady Philomena was accustomed to restless spirits. But she found the dark, imposing nature of the castle's owner far more haunting than any specter. London Society might not approve of shape-shifters such as Sir Nicodemus Wulfson, but firmly-on-the-shelf Philomena rather enjoyed the young baronet's sudden interest in sniffing around her skirts. She'd even consider giving in to him altogether if not for a murderer on the loose-a beast that might just be Nico himself.

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