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Ah, yes. Every author I know does it, and I suspect that the ones that say they don't, really do. Google their name, that is. Or the name of their book.

For me, it's cause I want to be the *first* to know what's being said about me or my book, whether it's good or bad. Since my name is an unusual spelling (Kathryne with an 'e' on the end), it makes it easy to find entries pertaining to only me. (I once did a name find, and it came up with only 3 people in the U.S. with my name). And then, of course, there's the title of my book. Very different :}. Although there is another book out with a sorta similiar title called 'Thirteen Moons'--a literary novel very different from mine.

Anyway, it's pretty thrilling when I find a post that lists my book on someone's 'wish list' on Amazon, or lists it as a guide of great fantasy romance books to read. (I'm always astonished that someone was willing to fork out almost thirty bucks to buy a book from a newly pub'd author!) When my book first came out, it was scary to read a new review...fortunately, reviewers have been very kind (which is a whole 'nother topic I'll write on later.)

So, I'm gonna share one of my best google entries, and one of my worst (in my opinion--and not counting any reviews). The frustrating thing sometimes is that people can say whatever they want, and usually the author can't respond. But I can in my blog (Heh, heh).

Best: A gal by the name of Bri on (a discussion forum) lists my book as one of her favorites, along with a Dean Koontz novel. Wow, talk about great company! And to think that someone I've never met feels that my book is one of her favorites is more mind-boggling than I can say. So, Bri, if you ever read this, THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart!

Worst: Okay, I include this because I have to be fair (I mean, if I include my best, it's only fair to include the worst) AND it's kinda frustrating, when people assume things. It's posted on, which looks like a librarian's chat room. (I doubt if the librarian thought I'd ever see it, or good grief, most likely she didn't care.) Anyway, she says a woman came into the library, (who she SUSPECTS is the author) and requested that they carry my book. When she 'googled' it, a bunch of reviews popped up that (presumably because they were so good), she SUSPECTS that they're all written by friends of the author. Her concern (which is valid) was that the book was very expensive (although Five Star's market is primarily to libraries, which they give a 40% discount to, but evidently she wasn't familiar with the program).  If she'd gone to my website, she would've discovered that the woman was NOT the author (not many people have hair like mine, and it's pretty distinctive), and, the reviews I've had were all from professional reviewers. Fortunately, another librarian responded, and pointed out that she doubted the reviews I had could've been *all* from friends, and that Five Star was an up-and-coming publisher of Fantasy and SF (although she did point out that my book would primarily appeal to romance readers.) Again, if that other librarian ever reads this, THANK YOU for responding to that post. It was such a relief!

Oh, and it goes to show, that any publicity is good. The librarian bought the book for their collection.:}


2006-12-06 18:20:46 GMT
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