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Fun for my readers...

I just opened a store which features merchandise with your favorite characters and scenes from the Relics of Merlin series. There's t-shirts & bags & more! I opened it because I thought it would be fun for my readers (I make nothing from the sales). I'll have it up on my website soon, but in the meantime you can check it out here:

My group blog has a terrific line-up of author interviews for the month of November:

11-7 Cheyenne McCray-DARK MAGIC


11-21 Jordan Summers-RED

I'm sure the interviews will be fascinating, and the authors will be giving away free books, so be sure to check it out here:

And I'll leave you with a simply enchanting review from Merrimon Book Reviews for DOUBLE ENCHANTMENT:

The second book in The Relics of Merlin series, Kathryne Kennedy's DOUBLE ENCHANTMENT combines humor and emotion in an extraordinary tale of paranormal magic and adventure in a heartwarming fairy tale romance set in the Victorian era in a society governed by class codes built on magical standing as well as economic resources. As the scandals and danger mount, Kathryne Kennedy peers into the heart of her characters as they struggle to conduct themselves with honor while remaining true to themselves. The magical romance between Jasmina and Sterling steals the heart, page by page with each moment and revelation until the final delightful page. DOUBLE ENCHANTMENT speaks to both the little girl and the woman within ---- and brightens the mood with smile after smile! Each and every detail is exquisite. With each page, each revelation enchants the reader more and more until one realizes one is totally submerged into the world of her characters. Just when I thought I had reached the height of delight possible, Kathryne Kennedy introduces two new characters. How I adored the gnomes!!!!

Kathryne Kennedy is quite simply one of the hottest new sensations in the romance genre and DOUBLE ENCHANTMENT is on my top ten list of books read this year. Her particular blend of all that is best in romance will delight a wide range of romance readers with its cross appeal across the breadth of romance subgenres from paranormal to historical romance. From magical details, to fairy tale-like psychological richness, from tender hearts that enchant readers to humorous mischief and suspenseful fantasy adventure in a historical, magical setting, Kathryne Kennedy creates a unique exquisite flavor that makes her romance a pure delight page after page, book after book. Light-hearted, sweet and tender, DOUBLE ENCHANTMENT has just the right measure of suspenseful plot details and emotional richness to make this romance unforgettable.

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