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Guam--A popular little island

In my bio I mention that I lived in Guam, and apparently many people in the service have been stationed there. A reader asked if I had any pictures to share so I dug up an old one of me and my little sister and have posted it here. I remember palm trees and beaches and crabs in shells and geckos and guamanians eating hot peppers that brought tears to my eyes. We had hurricanes that flooded our yards and brought out the leeches. I once tried to outrun a small rain cloud that seemed to be following me as I rode my bike. The cloud won the race and I got soaked.:}

The pretty little girl is my sister, and me...well, my mom always referred to me as her 'Huckleberry Finn', with all my reddish-blonde hair and freckles. Sigh. We got our dog in Okinawa, and named her 'Skoshi', which means 'little bit'. She passed on several years ago, but she'll always be in my heart as the best dog in the world.

Much thanks to Rachel, the reader who asked me about pictures of Guam, and brought back some wonderful memories.

2008-09-30 15:26:07 GMT
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