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"Kathryne Kennedy has done it again--Enchanting the Lady is full of magical, sexy
characters, plot twists and romance that lingers in the heart. I was delightfully swept away."
Donna Macquigg, award-winning author of The Doctor's Daughter

"Ms. Kennedy beautifully pulls of the ultimate sleight of hand: a novel that is part thriller,
part fantasy, and 100 percent romantic! This is a book you won't be able to put down."
David Benz, Edgar-nominated author of The Flip Side of Forever

"Kathryne Kennedy has created a magical world of enchanted romance that will leave you
wanting more--I loved this book!"
Melissa Mayhue, paranormal historical romance author
of Thirty Nights with a Highland Husband

"Enchanting the Lady is a delightful gem of a historical fantasy. A highly imaginative
depiction of Victorian London with a yummy shape-shifting lion hero. Nicely Done!"
Jennifer Ashley, USA Today best selling author of The Mad, Bad Duke

"Romance sparkles in every moment between this plucky-but-overlooked heroine and her
shape-shifter love in a whole new twist on Victorian fantasy."
Laurie Schnebly, speaker and
author of Believable Characters--Creating with Enneagrams

"A charming, enchantingly original blend of magic, sensual romance and seat-of-the-pants
suspense. Wicked plots abide among the Victorian artistocracy as you've never seen it
before. The story and setting fascinates the reader late into the night in Kathryne
Kennedy's spellbinding, alternate universe."
Mary Lennox, fantasy historical romance
author of My Lord Beast

"The imagination of JK Rowling and the romance of Julie Garwood all rolled up into one
fabulous novel. Get ready to lose some sleep! Kathryne Kennedy's enchanting story will
keep you turning pages long after bedtime."
Erin Grady, award-winning paranormal
romance author of Whispers

FIVE STARS~"Delightful, refreshing and unique, Kathryne Kennedy takes us to Regency
England with Enchanting the Lady where titles are held based on how strong your magic
is...Kathryne Kennedy has penned a tale worthy of your keeper shelf. She has capably
introduced us to a world populated by shifters, monsters and magicians and combined it
with suspense and danger to produce a delightful novel that will want us to keep turning
the pages to see what will happen next. Felicity and Terence are complex, well developed
characters who jump right off the pages and into our hearts. Enchanting the Lady, Relics
of Merlin is one tale you do not want to miss." Debby Guyette, Single

FIVE BLUE RIBBONS~"What a fantastic new series! ENCHANTING THE LADY is the
first book in Kathryne Kennedy's RELICS OF MERLIN series, and I can't wait for the
next one! Kennedy's Victorian era world of magic is lighthearted and enchanting, and
easily pulls the reader in with its vivid description and narration. Felicity is a wonderful
combination of guilelessness and intelligence, and Terence is a romantic hero to die for in
both his human and shifted forms! The wealth of colorful secondary characters completes
the magic of this wonderful story. This is a read-in-one-sitting treat for both fantasy and
historical fans alike!" Leigh,
Romance Junkies Reviews

FIVE STARS~"London has always seemed magical to me and the author, Kathryne
Kennedy, casts her own glamour in this story. Not only are there were-kind and magical
powers, but there is also a 'dragonette'. (Picture a small dragon, once hatched, that only
grows to the size of a ferret.) Felicity has a dragonette for protection. It cannot fly, but it
has lots of sharp teeth and can breathe fire. It is the simple, but fascinating touches such as
this that make the story so enchanting. Every page overflows with romance, fantasy, and
suspense. OUTSTANDING!" Detra Fitch,
Huntress Reviews

A PERFECT 10~"ENCHANTING THE LADY is a phenomenal read...It isn't often that a
book captures my attention so thoroughly; however, ENCHANTING THE LADY with its
superb blend of Victorian England, magic, shape-shifters, and characters who positively
come to life, definitely did. This is one of those rare and wonderful books that will leave a
smile lingering on your face long after you're done reading. Thank goodness this is the
beginning of a new series, because I can't wait to visit this magical world again. I find
myself compelled to give ENCHANTING THE LADY the highest praise I can think of, a
Perfect 10. Brava, Kathryne!" Lori Ann,
Romance Reviews Today

PUBLISHERS WEEKLY~"The latest from Kennedy (Beneath the Thirteen Moons) is
simply delightful, set in a fantasy-touched Victorian England that's imaginative, historically
vigorous and ripe for further adventures. Felicity is a pleasantly unassuming heroine and is
well matched in Terence, while the identity of the villain will keep readers guessing until the
very end." (Jan.) November 12th issue

BOOKLIST~"The first in Kennedy's Relics of Merlin series, the novel
takes a number of fairy tales, most notably Beauty and the Beast, and delightfully turns
them on their collective ear. Playful prose carries the reader through this well-crafted, sexy
romp of a story sporting an engaging cast. "~ Nina C. Davis
December issue
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